Thursday, December 24, 2015

My First Christmas Present

I know a lot of woodworkers make their Christmas gifts, but I have never had the time. But this year, I decided to make time to make a present for my Mom. She loves to play cribbage, and I remember the two of us playing for hours when I was young (she even let me win a few).
A cribbage board is a pretty simple project—just a board with a bunch of holes drilled in it, and a well to store the pegs.  I made my own template out of hardboard for the holes. The key was to drill the holes in the template with a countersink bit. Then use a self-centering bit to drill the project board. The self-centering bit pulls the work into the exactly the right spot, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting each hole lined up perfectly. I even put a bit of wax on the drill press table so everything could easily slide into place.
On this board I added a simple inlay. Since I put the inlay on by bench leg, and found out how easy it is, I’ve been looking for any excuse to use it. I’ve been carving the relief by hand, but I’m starting to consider getting a plunge base for my rotary tool.
Anyway, here’s the completed project.
IMG_0303 IMG_0305
IMG_0306 IMG_0311

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