Friday, June 5, 2015

Finishing the Legs

Here's a little more detail on cutting the big mortises in the legs. First, I laid out each mortise with a wheel gauge and my small try square. The only measuring was setting the distance from the floor.  All the other dimensions were taken directly from the tenons.  After marking 5" from the bottom of the leg, I set the wheel gauge to the depth of the tenon, then transferred that to the leg to set the distance from the front of the leg.  I then laid the tenon across the leg, lining up the bottom with the mark I made earlier. I then marked the top of the tenon with a marking knife. I didn't bother marking the width of the mortise--that will be taken care of by the width of the forstner bit used to remove the waste.
At the drill press, I first bore a hole using a 1-1/4" forstner bit at each end of the mortise. Once the ends were defined, I connected them by boring holes about 1/8" apart along the length. The more holes you cut, the less cleanup is needed.

After boring out the mortise, I used a chisel and mallet to square the corners, then fitted each tenon and made the small adjustments for a good fit.

118 Days | 116 Hours

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