Saturday, April 25, 2015

Workbench Base

It’s been a little while since I posted an update on the workbench build, but I have been making steady progress in the shop.  The top is glued up (the ends still need trimmed, but I’ll wait until it’s on the base since I don’t have a big enough surface to hold it steady).  I’m very happy with the top.  Finished size is just over 3 inches thick, 27 inches deep, and 72 inches long.  I would have preferred a longer bench, but I am limited by the space I have in the garage.
Now, on to the base.  The next task is to make the legs.  Each leg is laminated from four boards.  I’m following the same process as I did for the top lamination, but the legs are much quicker since they are less than half the length.  Following Christopher Schwarz’s recommendation in his Workbenches book, I made the tenons on the top of the legs by using spacers during the glue up.  The third leg is in clamps right now, and the fourth will be glued up today.

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